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MISSING PERSON • Diamond Bynum and King Walker • Gary, Indiana • 21 and 2 Years Old

MISSING PERSON • Diamond Bynum and King Walker • Gary, Indiana • 21 and 2 Years Old

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GARY — The Gary Police Department is asking for the local public’s assistance in locating missing 21 year old Diamond Bynum and 2 year old King Walker out of the Gary, Indiana area.

Diamond and King were last seen on July 25, 2015.


On July 25, 2015, Diamond and King were napping with another family member in their home, located near 5th Avenue and Matthew Street in Gary.  When the family member woke up around 11 am, Diamond and King were gone.  The family believes it is possible that Diamond took her nephew out for a walk and became lost due to not knowing the area too well.  The family moved to Gary from Hammond about five months prior to Diamond and King’s disappearance. Diamond has been diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome, and as a result, she is developmentally disabled and constantly has cravings for food.  She is in need of medications and walks with a significant limp.  She was last seen with gold highlights in her hair and wearing blue jeans and a shirt.  Diamond was 21 years old when she vanished over 2 years ago.  King was 2 years old at the time, and would presently be 4 years old.  He was last seen with dreadlocks in his hair and wearing red shorts and a blue t-shirt.  Over the past couple of years, the family of Diamond and King, along with large groups of volunteers, have searched various abandoned houses and areas in the surrounding area.  Fliers have been dispersed all over the town as well.  At the time of the vanishing, an immediate Amber Alert was never issued, however, a Silver Alert was issued at some point.  Diamond’s mother stated that numerous people have claimed to have seen the pair with an unknown woman in a Roseland neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois.  More specifically, Diamond and King were allegedly spotted at the White Castle on 111th Street and Halsted Street, Checkers on 115th Street and Halsted Street, and Checkers on 119th and Normal Street.  In 2015, the deceased body belonging to a toddler was located in Garfield Park in Chicago.  The body was later identified and determined to not belong to King.  Diamond and King’s family have waited too long for answers on the whereabouts of their loved ones.  They believe someone possibly lured them while they were lost and have been keeping them ever since. The family is hopeful and determined to find Diamond and King and solve the mystery behind their tragic disappearance.  

Diamond is described as:

• GENDER: Female.
• ETHNICITY: African American.
• HAIR: Brown.
• EYES: Brown.
• HEIGHT: 4 feet 8 inches.
• WEIGHT: 238 pounds.

Diamond Bynum
Diamond Bynum
King is described as:

• GENDER: Male.
• ETHNICITY: African American.
• HAIR: Black.
• EYES: Brown.
• HEIGHT: 3 feet even.
• WEIGHT: 35 pounds.

King Walker
King Walker
Do you know something?

If you have any information in regards to Diamond and King’s whereabouts, you are being asked to contact the Gary Police Department at 219-881-1214 immediately.

Want to stay anonymous?

If you wish to remain anonymous with your information, you are welcome to call the Crimestoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-TIPS (8477), or submit your tip online here.


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